Yaesu FT950 transceiver, Kenwood TS520 transceiver and Yaesu FRG7 receiver. In the centre is the Behringer desk I use to feed audio to the rigs and the ADK studio condenser microphone.

Both rigs feed either the Amp or through  a Z- match link coupler to the 160m dipole antenna. The FT-950 feeds a Lazy H from its second antenna output for 6m.

The old home brew TX based on a Geloso vfo driver assembly driving a cathode and screen modulated 6DQ5. This TX is also is driven from the Behringer desk and switches directly to the amp or the 160m dipole.

(rig kindly donated by Peter VK3ATC)

My latest amp, using a pair of 811As in parallel - bandswitched for 160, 80 and 40 metres, with a separate tank unit for 40 only. Link coupled output and about 400w pep.


My friend Peter, VK3ATC kindly donated the 304TL triodes (pictured right) for my first linear. As a return gift I made him this desk mike stand,  complete with the Sennheiser mic. at left.

304TL quad triode. Fil: 5v @ 12.5A Anode: 3KV Diss. 300W PO: 900W in class C; 750W in paired Class AB

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