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Song at the End of an Era.

Thirty five years ago I was sitting in my backyard discussing with my closest friend and confidante the psychological implications that our increasing reliance upon technology, the media normalisation of politically correct ideas and the ever accelerating narrowing of education would have for our society. I told my friend then that we were living at […]

On objective consciousness.

The article below was originally published by the Houston Jung Foundation. Since publication it became one of the most read articles on their website, so I decided to republish it here, as is, unedited.

The Objective Consciousness Revisited – Understanding the Nature of Consciousness

In a significant revision of his earlier article “The Objective Consciousness,” Robert Heyward explores the fundamental foundations of consciousness and the primal duality of subject and object. ( Any answers to the hard problem of consciousness will need to satisfy two distinct and differing lines of inquiry. Firstly they must align coherently with our scientific […]

Universal Grok – why it is necessary.

Just as physical science in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries had to be covertly performed under a politico-religious system hostile to anything which did not conform to its dogmatic metaphysics, those who investigate the nature of mind in the twenty first century, whilst perhaps not in immediate danger of flogging or being burned alive, nevertheless […]

Physics and Consciousness – A New Alignment

Imagine the argument between classical physics and quantum physics as an argument between two groups of cave dwellers trying to decide what rain is. One group suggests that “cloud” condenses into a quantity of “water” which then falls, forming droplets in the air. The other group suggest that a small quantity of “water” is condensed […]