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Grokking the Illusion

If the existence of  Paranormal phenomena (the list is long) tells us anything, it is that the material universe we believe we live in is nothing more than a four dimensional construct. A construct in which, if you ask four dimensional questions, you get four dimensional answers. We exist in a universe of personal experience, […]

On objective consciousness.

The article below was originally published by the Houston Jung Foundation. Since publication it became one of the most read articles on their website, so I decided to republish it here, as is, unedited.

The INTJ in-extremis. Martyr to Uncertainty.

Whether you agree with the more defining forms of personality typing or not, the fact remains that there is a particular way of being a person; a particular relationship between ego, unconscious and the world beyond self which accurately fits with the MBTI type known as INTJ. Like all personality types cast in this way, […]