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Song at the End of an Era.

Thirty five years ago I was sitting in my backyard discussing with my closest friend and confidante the psychological implications that our increasing reliance upon technology, the media normalisation of politically correct ideas and the ever accelerating narrowing of education would have for our society. I told my friend then that we were living at the end of an era; that the unconscious would soon enough begin to rise up against us; that its monstrous shadow already loomed at the gates of western civilisation, and that our generation would be the last to grow up in a world that still appeared benevolent, life affirming and free from ideological contagion.


I realise now that not only has my prediction proved correct, but that it has been  proved in more ways than I could ever have imagined at that time.


Modern western civilisation now faces a shadow it cannot deal with. It cannot deal with it because it has forgotten how to. In a culture where both spiritual and psychological understanding of the individual has not merely been lost but deliberately repressed, there remains little or no capability to fight against a personal shadow now merged with a collective darkness so vast that that it overwhelms all and any attempts at recognition, reason or mitigation.


The modern psyche mirrors the world it creates, it now lives in a house where windows are being boarded up, doorways to certain rooms where dark things arise are barricaded, and where the warning scribbles of past and more recent generations are painted over in the hope that their messages never return to disturb our sensitive, unstable and ever narrowing equilibrium.


In the past it was common to use the term “the free world”. It did not refer to the world at large, but that part of it which was indeed “free”. We understood then that freedom was not just a state of physical ability, but a state of mind, a state that required not only “constant vigilance” but also a strong and enduring awareness of our own capacity for evil; of our own shadow. Freedom cannot be created without purpose, without the strength of will to maintain it. Thus we are aware of the necessity to sometimes do evil to maintain the good, to recognise and understand the balance of mind necessary to maintain a state in which each individual has the maximum capacity for growth and fulfilment. Modern society has lost this capacity. In the face of its own growing shadow it can no longer stand with its own evil. Instead it tries to bargain its way out of responsibility through political correctness. It sells its soul to every demon that confronts it, rather than standing its ground and saying “yes, you are there, but you will not take from us more than we will allow.”


These never ending denials of history and endless attempts to cleanse ourselves and make pacts with our demons are nothing more than the symptoms of a monstrous neuroses. Like the neurotic individual, we close the blinds, we lock every door, we wash our hands and maintain our cleanliness at all costs, lest we be contaminated by the very thing we have repressed: the power of our own darkness, the awareness and understanding of which is the only thing that might actually save us.